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Welcome to the online Ford radio keycode service. We are able to provide you with your Ford radio code within 12 hours. All we need is your radio's serial number along with a PayPal payment of just £2.99. You will need to remove the radio from the dash to be able to read the serial number. Help on removing the radio can be found on the radio removal guide page. The serial number format will be a letter then six numbers. Example: M123456. We are able to supply the code for any Ford radio that has a serial number begining with either A, C, L or M. This includes the following models: 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 6006 and 7000. We are unable to provide keycodes for radios which vave a serial starting with V.

Once you have your serial, enter it here along with your email address, and click 'Buy Now' to pay by paypal. We will then email you your unique 4 digit code within 12 hours (usually less), with instructions on how to input the code into your radio.

The email will be sent to the address you provide here and your PayPal address.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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(Please make sure your serial is a letter then six digits. eg: M123456 If it is not, we are not able to provide your keycode, and will issue you a refund.)

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(Please enter a working email. The code will be mailed to both your paypal email, and whatever address you provide here. Also, check your junk email folder!)


Ford Radio Keycode Codes



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